At LIRA Advogados, we strive, since 2005, to deliver maximum effectiveness to our Clients, with legal solutions that offer them significant results and rewarding experience, through the agility, competitiveness, and compliance provided.

We have maintained, in this long journey, the vision that inspired the creation of the firm: to intrinsically know the legal needs of companies that make up global value chains and to deliver more than the expected legal services, by applying technological tools for effective management of the Company's legal affairs. 

Year after year, we improve our legal knowledge and the technology embedded in the solutions delivered to our clients, who honor us with the maintenance of long-lasting relationships.


To play a key role in the management of our Clients' legal affairs, exceeding their expectations through the regulatory and operational knowledge employed and the agility, competitiveness, and compliance provided by our services and solutions.


To be recognized by our Clients as the law firm that offers them the best results combined with the best experience.


  • T
    TRANSPARENCY - We base all our actions and relationships on transparency.
  • E
    EXCELLENCE - We offer legal services developed with excellence.
  • R
    RECOGNITION - We value and recognize our employees, respecting diversity in thinking, acting, believing, and being.
  • E
    ENTREPRENEURSHIP - We offer autonomy to our employees in the search for opportunities that promote positive changes.
  • I
    INNOVATION - We develop agile solutions to achieve effective and surprising results.
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